What is the Minimum order QUANTITY?

One. Whether  you need a quick prototype or a make-up, Pyramid can help you. While we are capable of large, ongoing production runs, we can help our customers with all of their needs in a manner that many companies cannot. We have the flexibility to accommodate and we have a well balance set-up structure that helps minimize the cost to our customers.

Can Pyramid coordinate with other suppliers & partners?

Yes. We realize that companies need to have diverse and complex supply chains in order to be strategically competitive. Let Pyramid coordinate with your supply chain to deliver you the total package.

What is Pyramid's lead time?

Lead times vary depending on the level of complexity and availability of commodities, but at Pyramid our goal is to provide the most competitive lead time to get your product moving.

What is Pyramid's stance on sustainability? 

Pyramid takes an active role in ensuring that our waste is minimal. By recycling, reducing, and high efficiency standards we are able to be stewards for the environment while reducing our cost for the customer.

How do I determine which packaging application best suits my needs?

We understand the you have a lot of options and it is this that drives us to be the best. Our hands on approach and customer oriented engineering allow us to work with you to find the best solution. We encourage our customers to share their product samples and challenges they are facing to craft the right solution.

What is pyramid's manufacturing Capability?

In addition to our die cutters, slitters, slotters, prototype tables, lamination abilities, folder glues, water jet cutting, labeling, printing, and CNC machining. We are also equipped with a fabrication and assembly operation that can offer welding, stitching, kitting, packing and forming. Please contact Pyramid to learn more. If you need it done, we can do it!

what level of service can i expect from pyramid?

The Highest. Pyramid feels that this is one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors. From account representation and product management, to design engineering and project execution. Pyramid will work with you every step of the way to ensure your job is a success.