Pyramid is the industry leader in packaging, material handling, & supply chain logistic solutions. Pyramids offers unique / innovative solutions to help our customers overcome the challenges of increasing competition in commerce; Solutions that increase efficiency in their complex supply chains and to ultimately add value to their product. We provide innovative products and valuable services to a wide and growing array of industries including automotive manufacturing, military, durable goods, medical equipment, and more. By understanding our customers' market challenges and their product, our associates use their experience and dedication to work with our customers to find the best solution that gives them the greatest advantage.


What can we build for you?


Expendable Packaging

Pyramid has designed and fabricated expendable packaging for over 30 years. Whether you're packaging automotive parts, electronics, furniture, appliances or any other products, let us help you with your expendable packaging requirements and lower your overall packaging costs. In addition to total cost savings, Pyramid's expendable packages offer other advantages such as: Improved product safety, improved worker safety, improved housekeeping, improved space utilization and improved environment impact



Returnable Packing


Pyramid has been designing and fabricating returnable and reusable packaging for the automotive, electronic, appliance, aviation, and military industries for over 10 years. Returnable and reusable packaging systems offer many benefits to their users including product protection, ergonomics, potential automated interface, durability, and the reduction of solid waste. Whether your needs are for internal material handling processes or shipments going to another country, Pyramid has the expertise to work with you in designing the right packaging for your products.


Partition Style Inserts

Pyramid offers quick and economical turnaround on partitions` made from corrugated paper, board or plastic corrugated for any application including a variety of approved abrasion protective laminates for "Class A" surfaces. Our partitions can compliment many of our packaging options and are often an integral part of our package design. Please allow Pyramid to assist you in choosing the right balance between costs and performance for your protective needs.



Plastic Corrugated


If a standard molded container will not work for your product, let Pyramid design a custom plastic corrugated container to fit your needs. They can be produced to any size out of a verity of materials. Pyramid use a High Impact PVC extruded frame with a proprietary, reinforced molded corner insert for extra stacking strength. This also allows our custom totes to withstand a much greater side impact than other corrugated plastic totes available. Our distinctive design style is less costly than the common "Cut-n-Weld" option that is also commonly used to resolve these sizing issues.



Specialty Racks


Custom Packaging

Pyramid offers custom packaging solutions that are specifically designed to meet your unique packaging and protection needs. Whether you need to protect sensitive electronic or medical devices, breakables or glassware, or you need to create a custom package for your next dimensional direct mail campaign or client gift, our team of designers and material experts can help to guide you in making the right, most cost-effective decision. Pyramid keeps a full range of foam material in stock. Polyethylene, Polyurethane, and Cross linked Polyethylene are all available for prototypes and production orders.



WaterJet Cutting

Pyramid now offer Waterjet cutting for more intricate part creation to better customize your packaging needs